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Application Conceptualisation

A well-structured concept is a prerequisite for the creation of a great iOS app and it involves determinants like the target audience, purpose of the app, and content that will be added in-app should be clear and straightforward.

We, at ITYogisTech, heavily invest in this preliminary stage to provide a profound build for the subsequent processes.

UI and View Hierarchy

Engaging in User Interface is necessary for developing a successful app. During this phase, it is important to ensure the user will be easily able to interact with the app interface in a hassle-free manner.

Views, hence are arranged in the app, and the developer uses the UIKit framework to decide the type of view that will best suit a specific purpose. The UIKit framework allows various kinds of views for data presentation and organization.

iOS App Development

This is the most important phase in which our designers and developers work hard to deliver the best suitable UI and feature altogether. In this phase, the hierarchy of views is laid out in a graphical environment using the storyboard. The back-end functionality such as social integrations, database structure, and architectures are developed using XCode and iOS SDK.

Alpha and Beta Build

Once the coding and development part is done, our developers develop an app prototype to run on the simulator and relevant devices. We ensure an application is bug-free hence it is tested on functionality and usability aspects. We smoothly integrate network and battery features with third-party tools and their effective communication for optimized battery usage.

The Final Build

The app is made available to the client for feedback before its complete version is released in the App Store. Our rigorous testing process ensures apps are bug-free.

Support, Maintenance & Up-gradation Services

We, at ITYogisTech, comprehend the importance of timely up-gradation and enhancement essentials. Application maintenance is undoubtedly a crucial part of any mobile application developed as the business needs to change continuously & thus the application needs to be continuously updated.

ITYogisTech offers integrated maintenance & enhancement services loaded with its capable IT resources to streamline, manage and maximize all systems & applications within your organization.