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Call @ 1-‪980-292-3497‬.Are you having a technical issue with your computer?

ITYogisTech Technical Assistance Center has the solution.

Relax and let ITYogisTech team fix your computer problem with our unbelievably affordable remote support service.

We offer quick and professional online tech support for computer repair, internet problems, security issues and data recovery services.

24/7 Tech Team Support

Post your question any time!  one of team members will reply with an analysis/suggestion within a few minutes or a few hours, depending on your specific question. You don’t have to disconnect your machine and take it into a store because our U.S. based, technical support team will give you live computer help.


Trouble Shoot Tech Support

Call 1-‪980-292-3497‬ and we are there for you. ITYogisTech is the consolidated single point of contact for all customer support questions and issues. A geographically dispersed, located at key strategic locations worldwide; ITYogistech team of specialists strives to resolve your computer issues accurately and timely basis. Our technical support engineers provide multi-level technical support, case management and problem resolution.

ITYogis tech support specialists, use of highly secure remote support tools to manage your PC as if they were present next to you. To accurately find the root of any issue on your computer, ITYogistech team uses a suite of diagnostic and computer repair software. Thereby resolve it through the internet to provide you the best online computer support experience.

When you post an issue our tech specialist will explain what your PC’s problems are and how he/she would proceed fixing them. Then he/she will start the actual support procedure.  All technical support tasks are carried out using industry and vendor recommended best practices.

PC Maintenance

To improve, optimize and keep your computer performance up-to-date, we keep necessary applications regularly updated and monitor progress from time time.

The advantage of regular PC maintenance is to keep your computer free from viruses, spyware and other suspicious programs. Making sure your computer resources are used by essential, safe programs.


New Computer Setup / Upgrade

If you have bought a new PC, ITYogisTech online tech support team will help you get you up and going by :

  • Transferring your existing files,
  • Personal settings,
  • System preferences (bookmarks, saved passwords, etc,)
  • Install operating system
  • Setup and install/un-install any required program
  • Add essential security software and patches
  • Help connect with other devices.

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