Use Multiple Profiles in Thunderbird Email.

Thunderbird saves all the personal data which includes messages, preferences and vital security information such as username password in files which are called as profile and are kept separately from program files.

“Default” is the name of profile which is created and used automatically on installation of Thunderbird.

One of the salient feature is one can create multiple profiles, each profile having its set of account configurations, messages, etc. Furthermore one can also access as many email accounts from a single profile. Profile Manager makes it easy to create, delete profiles and select an apt profile for Thunderbird session.

In some cases Profile Manager does not open and it may be case of Thunderbird already running in the background and not being visible. In this scenario one has to close all Thunderbird pages which are open and restart computer to check again.

User can create new profile by clicking on create profile button. User can also specify the name and location for the profile folder if required or click on finish so that the profile folder is placed in default location.

Few additional features of Thunderbird include renaming the profile, deleting the profile. This can be done by highlighting the profile in the “Choose User Profile” window and selecting the option of rename or delete. One can also select option “Don’t Delete Files” so that the profile is removed and files remain in the list. If user clicks on Profile folder profile folder will still be visible in list of available profiles. To delete profile folder along with its data permanently user has to click on “Delete Files”.   

One can also work offline in Thunderbird by selecting Work Offline option. Even without internet connection this option loads the selected profile and user can view saved messages and try various options with profile.

Another useful feature is to check mark the option of “USE THE SELECTED PROFILE” which enables Thunderbird to automatically load the selected Profile at the startup.

Alternatively user should start Profile Manager first, if he has to select other profile.

Also if this option of “USE THE SELECTED PROFILE” is unchecked Thunderbird will display Profile Manager every time you start to select the profile.