How to Fix IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003)

Yesterday when I opened IncrediMail it  opened with an error dialog stating the following error message: “IncrediMail has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience“. The error further goes on to say the following in the Crash Details “Exception: BREAKPOINT (80000003).Faulting Offset: 00132BD2, Module: KERNELBASE.dll

After doing lot of researche I figured out the  reason why the error occurs is because Windows pushed an update on around 31st Of December 2015 to system; which conflicts with IncrediMail. This update is a security update for Flash Player (a plug-in) which is needed by IncrediMail to function. When the update is applied; it changes the features and restricts Flash Player and IncrediMail compatibility. As I saw further down in the crash details; the files it gives reference to are several instances of Flash.ocx. Windows Update KB for this update isKB3132372.

In order to fix this issue; all we need to do is uninstall this update and to do that on a Windows 8/10 computer; go to Control Panel; Hold Windows Key and Press X. In the contextual menu; choose Control Panel; then in Control Panel, on the top right; search for updates by typing updates.

Click View Installed Updates, and  once update list is  populated.

, locate and double click the update KB3132372 and choose to Uninstall it. 

Before and while doing this; make sure IncrediMail is closed. You will need to keep this update off; until MS or IncrediMail releases another update to fix / patch the issue.

After the update has been uninstalled, go here and download the wushowhide.diagcab file, open and run it. Put a check in the box next to KB3132372 and Click Next. And Next again; you may see a notification saying “this is, after all, a “troubleshooter”” .

This should be good enough to get rid of this issue. Happy IncrediMail.